What it’s all about.

Yes, yes. Here is a girl OntheHunt for love. But I’m not talking about that boy-meets-girl kind of love, or even the girl-meets-girl kind. I’m OntheHunt for the relationships we make everyday with the things around us; the shoes under my bed, the colours in my rug, the books that sits’things’ none-the-less that I love! Things you love! Things we learn to love and things we hate to love. Just THINGS on my bookshelf or that dress in my wardrobe I still haven’t had the courage to wear…all just ‘things‘. But , right? 
I’m really not a materialistic kind of girl. I’m just an old romantic.

Sarah Burton says of her AW12 collection for McQ “It’s like a love story in a sense, speaking of the oversized, wool felted, green military coats made up of khaki shades and moss-like embroidery If he’s gone off to war, you might put on his coat. The idea here is that it’s made out of lots of different coats, taken apart then put back together again.

McQ AW12 Womenswear/Menswear

So you see, it isn’t just me that has this idea in my head, the idea that our ‘things’ are more than that, really. They become us, and we seek them out in times of hardship to put us at ease. That constant stability of what is perhaps just a coat (a beautiful coat!) draped over the back of a chair or hung on a hook by the door just waiting for you to need it again; maybe just until he comes home. The thing that will always smell of travels, the thing that doesn’t even belong to you, the thing that helps you sleep.

Yes, I’d definately call myself an old romantic. I can’t help but love my things.

Catch a peek at some exclusive shots of Sarah Burton's AW12 
collection for McQ at Dazed Digital right now!

All quotes in this post were sourced from Dazed Digital.


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2 responses to “What it’s all about.

  1. I particularly like the second one in (menswear). mmmm, delicious. Don’t you have something similar? swapsies??

  2. Liz

    You my friend have such a loverrrly way with words! AND those coats are FIT!!!

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