Oh Snaps! The Way She Sees It.

Elizabeth ‘Snap‘ Chandler, is not only a talented young photographer, but happilly a close friend.
Born and bred in Manchester she has come to be quite the legend in these parts. She is known by most, loved by all, and ofcourse, has broken a few hearts! But Chandlers personal life is not the topic of discussion here today, not in so many ways atleast.
Chandlers photography is personal, and yet so very public. It’s almost voyeurism on our part to seek out her work, because although on first glance it might seem like a collective of just ‘things’ or ‘people’ …’stuff’, what it actually is, is a look into the way her brain works. Something people will usually hide, something of a secret, but something a few individuals do share, perhaps without even realising it.

I’ve scoured through a fraction of her work (because there really is so much!) and selected a few pieces I hope you’ll like! Some you can find in her portfolio and others are instagrams that I popped in because I want you all to see, not just what Chandler wants you to see, but what really makes her tick. What she sees day-to-day and how she sees it.


Who doesn’t love a rainy day? When I was little my older brother and I would each chose a rain drop on the window, place a finger on it and wait for it to fall. We’d follow it right the way down to the bottom of the window racing them. Just to pass the time. There’s something about being indoors while the rain comes down, sure there might be some amazing shots to capture outside, but sometimes a distorted image feels the most real and sitting by a window or in a car and listening to the thudding of rain on your little shelter can make you feel so safe.
Maybe Chandler just liked the way the colours ran with the rain drops on the window!
ImageHomeward Bound. A bus becomes more than a vehicle on the road. It’s your way home, or your way out if thats what you need. For ten minutes, you share a journey with every other person on that bus. And for ten minutes, you have a connection with those people, without even realising it. They each have their own thoughts, concerns, places they need to be, just like you. But we don’t think about that, we just sit and avoid those other people, put in our head phones and drop our bags on the seat beside us hoping that drunk chap that’s just got on doesn’t see the free seat.
So with reguards to this photo…what do you see? What does Chandler see? Why has she noticed?

Thats the point, I think. Her mind is unique in that unlike most of the people you will meet, she can’t take the back seat in life, she can’t just like something because it’s pretty, she’s hungry to know. Know what exactly i’m not sure, it would depend on what she’s looking at. She’s constantly questioning and wondering How and What and Why.
‘Who are you?’ ‘What’s your story?’ ‘Is somebody waiting for you?’ ‘How does it feel to be so tiny and see through those eyes?’
You might think it’s odd. You might get it. You might start to wonder yourself, and I hope you do. But remember this, it isn’t what you see, it’s the way you see it, from the smallest insect to the largest landscape, and aslong as you keep questioning things won’t ever get dull.

Elizabeth 'Snap' Chandler is currently studying photography at 
Salford University, keep up to date with her work as it grows and develops via 
her website  www.snap-happy-photography.co.uk.


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2 responses to “Oh Snaps! The Way She Sees It.

  1. We like her work! We are opening our Gallery on Aug. 1st. Chandler can contact us on that day in our submissions. The link is on the magazine but it will not work until Aug.1

    Thank you for sharing,

    Stacia Gates

    • I’m so glad you like her work! I’ve contacted Elizabeth with the details of your comment and I’m waiting to hear back from her but I’ll pass on the link to your magazine 🙂
      Thankyou for your feedback!

      A x

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