Dedication to the Doc.

Today, at 9am, Dr.Martens opened the doors to their first stand alone store in Manchester’s city centre.
It’s about bloody time, quite frankly.
So, in a little local celebration of the iconic brand I thought I’d dedicate a few words!

PETROL Lex Shoes

These…well, these beauts just can not go unnoticed. And in fact they haven’t! I’ve been On The Hunt for these bad boys for as long as they’ve been sneaking about and let me tell you it has not been easy.
I feel 13 again, watching that guy I’ve been crushing on for the past month flirt with my best friend! That one image of perfection, the thing that can make you the happiest girl in the world or (should you not finally get your hands on it!) leave you bumbling around your bed room feeling very emotional and sorry for yourself. Teenage Lust! That’s what these Petrol Lex Shoes mean to me. They’re currently on sale on the Dr.Martens online store too…however only in sizes 11 through to 13…my feet are far too tiny. Besides! I heard in my new fave store today that when a particular sales assistant used her new sources to do a little research, she could only track down two pairs, both far, far away.
Sad Times.

1461 Shoe

Yeah, that’s right, it is another shoe! I love the shoes! I love to roll up my jeans and flash a little ankle (as long as they aren’t all cut up from the wearing-in process) in the summer, letting in a little light rain to cool down my shopping feet.
Or in the winter, with the mottled wool socks I stole from my Paa. And of course Purple has been splashed right up and down the AW12 shows, ink blot darks to silky violets. These 1461‘s are currently on sale so should you want to give a little nod to the seasons colour without going crazy, go for footwear! And take it through to summer 13, why not?!

Do you have any tiny friends with tiny feet? When I was a little kid I had this pair of lavender suede, Kicker boots. My mum bought them for me from what I recall, which isn’t much. I just remember, back when I had hair trailing down my back and a full, blown under fringe, running away from held hands and into huge puddles. I thought I was invincible! ‘Ain’t no rain gettin’ in my shoes!’ Is what I’m sure I was thinking! I still like Kickers, but this was…atleast nine years prior to my first pair of Docs! Likewise, my mother always tells me about a pair of red shoes I was given as a gift when I was a toddler…Apparently I hated them and would kick and scream when ever she tried to put them on. I know it must be true, but i can’t imagine how I’d ever hate shiny red shoes?

Adrian Shoe – Black

The Dr.Marten boot, began as a working mans shoe. Since, the brands popularity has peaked and fallen,
but one of the reasons the brand is so on top is for its ability to evolve in design, while maintaining its trademark look. These days there are the loafers, the creepers, the sandals, desert boots, hell there’s even a heal or two! They always get it right. Every time.

My first Docs were a pair of Black, 12 hole boots. I’d enrolled in a short fashion course, it wasn’t anything serious, just a week of hanging out with friends slashing Tee’s and customising denim. At the end of the week the course leaders put on a little fashion show to exhibit all our hard work! The theme was Punk, and while generally, I hate themed events, if I have to participate I like to at least look authentic! So my lovely dad took me shopping to find the boots. He promised me they were the only boots to wear if I wanted to look punk. We trecked around store after surplus store looking for the ‘work boots’ before finding them on the High Street!
He spent an hour rubbing vaseline into the leather to help soften it but no amount of his effort was going to help when it came to wearing them in. The day of the fashion show came and I remember sliding strips of plastic bags down the back of the heel just to take the edge off, my feet were so cut up by the end of it! I didn’t take them off afterwards because I was too scared of how my feet looked  underneath the leather!

Since then my shoe family has been introduced to plenty more pairs. Most of them vintage (I love going to the store and guessing the price based on the weight), my favourite pair made of a dusty blue, baby leather that I bought for £18 a few years back and are on my feet right now!

I’ll be buying them for as long as they’re being made. And if I can buy a 30-year-old pair in cracking condition now I’m sure I’ll be buying them for a long time after too.

So if your local to Manchester, or if you’re visiting, dip your toe in Dr.Martens brand spanking new store and why not see if they can’t decorate it a little?
The brand has teamed up with the stunning Agyness Deyn for a bound-to-be awesome Autumn collection, you’re gonna want to check that out!

In the meantime keep up to date with the
release of the latest designs at

Do you Love your Docs?
Post your photos in the reply section of upload them to the my Facebook page @Ashleigh Hunts

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