On The Hunt – Street Style

On The Hunt today I found a couple of young ladies that looked so darn cool I had to share their looks with you all!
They were very lovely and didn’t make me feel like too  much of a nerd (taking notes in my NOTE pad while the rest of the world uses their Ipads!)

Anyway! Here we go!

Sophie*, 18, Manchester

OnTheHunt: So Sophie, you seem like the kind of girl that’s able to just throw on anything and make it work?
Sophie: [Giggles] Well I did today!
OTH: So where did you buy the dress?
Sophie: Topshop, it’s quite old now!
OTH: Are you On The Hunt for anything in particular today?
Sophie: Disco Pants!! But I might have to wait until payday!


I do love a bit of Colour Co-ordination! And Sophie, 18 from Manchester, gets it bang on!
Channelling Rodarte SS12’s cut out mid-drift and balancing out those bare legs with the Paul Smith SS12 -esque blue shirt!
I don’t think there’s a thing I don’t like here! From the Turquoise jewellery to the Navy pumps, even her festival bands added to the outfit! And I love the shag bag!
So okay, maybe the colour thing wasn’t intended but that just makes it all the better in my opinion!
Anybody that knows me will testify to the number of hideous outfits I’ve put together (always the imagination and none of the realisation), I just love everything so much I get all excited and a little Ugly Betty about it, clearly Sophie* does not have this problem!

Georgia, 20, Manchester

OnTheHunt: So Georgia tell me about your outfit!
Georgia*: There’s not much to tell! But I do love Shirts, I probably have way too many!
OTH: There’s no such thing!
Georgia*: I actually have this same shirt in cream too!
OTH: Well as far as shirts go it is a stunner! But is there anything you wouldn’t be caught dead in?
Georgia*: MBT [trainers] like my mums!!
OTH: (poor mum!) And is there anything in that leather beaut’ you consider a daily essential?
MUM: Iphone!
Georgia: Yeah I guess my Iphone!







Georgia*, 20 from Manchester was coming over all Christopher Kane today in her sooty, black, silk shirt and inky, purple jeans with buckled boots! The girl is racing ahead, pulling out inspirations from the AW12/13 collection!
When I asked if Georgia was sporting any bargain buys today she told me it’s very rare she finds a bargain and her mother gave a look that told me it’s very rare she’ll look for one! So I get the feeling this girl knows exactly what she likes!
I have to say I was so jealous when I saw this miniature model strolling down the road, I went out with a shopping list today that literally reads ‘crisp shirt, purple trouser, black boot.’ I’m not lying!! I was trying to get in a few essentials ready for Autumn but clearly I am well and truly beaten! And all in all, so in love with this look!

I WISH I could rep the casual summer look that Sophie does so well, but in my heart of hearts I know that while I may love summer brights I’ll always be the girl with the wardrobe full of dark, lusty shades. It’s just the way I roll I guess!

Check out the Collections mentioned in this post, courtesy of style.com, by following the links below and get lost in the lust for a little while!
Top to Bottom: Rodarte SS12, Paul Smith SS12, Christopher Kane AW12

Collections images sourced from style.com
Thankyou to Sophie* and Georgia* for being such dolls!

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