Agyness Deyn for Docs Please.

It’s a personal belief of mine that when attending a fashion show, or perhaps a preview for a new collection, it’s only polite to wear something by the designer/brand or at least something in the style of, and it would seem I’m not alone in this belief.
We little hunters can frequently be found checking out the people pages of fashion rags and blogs seeking inspiration (and sometimes just some good gossip material) from the seasons F’rowers. What are they wearing, Where to? We comment on the social etiquette, on the individual’s ability to source the latest pieces and how on earth they managed it…

Anyone that follows OnTheHunt via Facebook or Twitter (@AshleighHunts) will already know that while today is the day that the highly anticipated Agyness Deyn for Dr. Martens collection is launched for purchase, last night was the night a lucky handful were invited down to the Manchester store for a preview of the collection. Bloggers and Dr. enthusiasts alike were pottering about, snapping photographs and dipping fingers into bowls of jelly beans and liquorice allsorts, some buying and some (like myself sadly!) leaving empty-handed but for a wishlist as chunky as the revived Double Soles and a freeby in the way of a very adorable Dr. Marten boot keyring.

But while we have come to expect unusual headwear and spectacular prints on the front rows, what should we expect to see on people’s feet at a preview evening for the first collaboration Agyness Deyn and Dr. Martens? Surely something rebellious and dreamy??
Take a look…!

Not all were Docs, but for those that were, some were old, some were new, some vintage and others considerably rare;
and the wearers were just as varied. One thing we had in common though, was that we all – no matter our style – were in awe of the newest additions to the Dr. Marten family.

The store was decorated in daisys and framed shots of Agyness sporting that same iconic look that had girls swooning and guys gasping when she first stormed the industry back in 2007, and having conquered modelling, acting and singing since, why not have a crack at designing too? And why should we expect anything less than a raging success?

The collection consists of footwear, outerwear, dresses, Tees, knitwear, a lush, grunge inspired jumpsuit, leggings and of course, the heart satchel!
Well, what can I say? There wasn’t a detail missed, a moment surpassed or even a thread out of place! It is as though Agyness took the 90’s and shook it out until all the best bits dropped out and just fell, into her dainty hands!
A store stocked with shadowed check shirts and matching skirts, patent leather and novelty shaped bags, then there’s my personal favourite, the daisy print dress…

A miniature floral print dress with Dr. Martens couldn’t get more 90’s for me if you topped it off with a crushed velvet hat. Of course, born in 1990, I’d look at the older girls all dressed up in grunge and I wanted nothing more than to be one of them, but my mum still bought my clothes and while I did love my floral Puffa Coat, I was told several times that the big kids dressed that way because they were big, and I was offered pretty pinnifores and polka-dot leggings instead. Point is… What a dream! Finally here’s my chance to go back and be one of the big kids! I’ve waited so patiently. And if any of you ever shared my dream growing up, I urge you to get on the Agyness Deyn for Dr. Martens love bus and ride it all the way down memory lane!

And I can still see this one girl on a bus one day, she had pixie cropped hair (think Angelina in Hackers) bleached yellow and orangey tips, again, her floral dress that reached just below the knee in blue Dr. Martens…and on her bag was a novelty rucksack! I think it was a teddy bear, do you remember the ones? Well I wasn’t too fussed about stuffed animals as a child, I just figured they got in the way so I steered clear, but wow. How cool must this girl be to WEAR a teddy bear on her back, I mean…WHAT?! I was a little confused, a little in awe and a little jealous, like I needed it!
Looking back the thing was probably hideous and I’d never go for that sort of thing now (I don’t think…) but the idea of a novelty item is something that goes hand in hand with the grunge look, and Agyness didn’t forget! She took inspiration from Dr. Martens traditional leather Satchel bags when designing her Heart Satchel, available in smooth, black and cherry red leather and acid green and lilac lamper for the more colourful customer!

I know a few boys and girls that will be carrying their bits and bobs around in one of these little lovelies this year.
Now, I’ve rambled on about everything but the shoes, haven’t I?
Well, priced at £120 – £250 and with everything from an over the knee boot to velvet creepers, I can guarantee there’s a shoe for you!

The lace up Creeper in Red and Black Velvet offers a hot new take on the traditional Doc Shape while the Over the Knee Boot comes in black leather with elasticated lycra for a flattering fit and alternative look.
And should you be looking for something a little more classic to our generation, head to the 10 hole patent leather boot in black and cherry red (If you’ve read my earlier post ‘A dedication to the Doc’ you’ll know how strongly I feel for Red Patent Leather). Finally there’s the Strappy Ankle Boot with brassy buckles…I think these come second on my wishlist to the Daisy Dress in Black. I’ll be homeless, what with not having my rent money, but I’ll be happy and homeless!

See what I mean? Mmmmm..Delicous!

As I said earlier, Agyness Deyn really hasn’t missed a thing, but then I wouldn’t expect anything less than perfection from a style icon and a brand as strong as Dr. Marten, which has come a long way since its first boot was designed back in the 1960! Yes it really has been that long! And while sure, the Daisy theme that jumped off the racks and onto the walls and into the shoes, are so suggestively grunge, they give a subtle nod back to the 60’s when Mary Quant’s Daisy Print was flashed through street fashion and of course, our beloved DM’s were sold for the first time in England. Intended of not, the Daisy motif really is a fitting tribute, to the 90’s when Docs were given their second lease of life, and to the 60’s when they made their first appearance. LOVE.

Find Agyness Deyn For Doc Martens Here!

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