Drawing a Line.

When I finished up Uni for the summer, having no holidays or fun activities planned (I’m a sucker for organised fun…so what?) I told myself I was going to finally have a summer of just doing…summery things!
Drinking Pimms and having disaster, movie-moment barbeques with friends…check and check!
I told myself I’d lounge around and read a good book, check (That Women, by Anne Sebba).
I also told myself I’d be running about town in a different pair of heals each day, in a pair of stunning shades…just generally be cool.
But that (the last part) isn’t really me.

One thing I haven’t done so far that I keep telling myself I will, is sat down and just drawn. I mean one day, with some luck and determination, Fashion is going to be my day-to-day life and I can’t wait for that! But I don’t want to end up resenting my career because the things I love, I’ll have allowed to slip. And for all my romanticised visions of how life should be, when it comes to crunch I’m a realist. I know that when I say goodbye to a friend before moving on to a new job or a new school, no matter our intentions, 8 times out of 10 we won’t see each other again. I don’t ever expect anything I want to just land in my lap, and I know that if I fail it’s because I didn’t do everything I possibly could!

I’m cool with all that, I don’t mind at all. I don’t like hanging out in big groups and when I get into something I get a little obsessed and can’t leave it along until I know it’s perfect, plus I spent 5 years studying across three different colleges before I finally got into University so I’m no stranger to failure!

But the thought of having to give up those little things, those miniature achievements that I don’t have to share with anyone, just makes me feel kind of sad.

So, while my logical side knows that I won’t sit down to illustrate every second Tuesday of every month, my stubborn side refuses to just let it go. This is why I’m setting myself a deadline in black and white. A week today I’ll have posted at least three finished illustrations. If I haven’t I expect to be questioned on its whereabouts.

Until then, here are a few illustrations that I’ll be drawing (pun intended!) inspiration from.

The King – Amelia Phythian

Untitled – Amelia Phythian

Don’t Tell Dad #1 – Amelia Phythian

Don’t Tell Dad #2 – Amelia Phythian

Unknown Artists – via Pinterest

Unknown Artist – via Pinterest

Wild Bird – Meeralee

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