Somerset by ALICE TEMPERLEY for John Lewis

Alice Temperley is a personal favourite designer of mine. Ever the romantic and externally tom-boy it probably shouldn’t be so easy to find something beautiful and wearable within her collections, but in fact it’s rare I find anything I wouldn’t love to take home.
That said, when your working with a budget it’s never as easy as you’d like it to be to buy the designer pieces you fall for, and while paying homage to the catwalk in vintage or giving a nod in high street can temporarily fill the hole in your heart without putting holes in your purse, who wouldn’t just love to go out one day and come home with that particular Ostrich Leather Handbag or Cashmere Cloak, just so you can say it’s yours?
Whether it’s a bag, a dress, a cushion, a lamp or a gadget. We all have something!

Earlier this year I took a little trip to Southport and found a little boutique hidden away in a quiet arcade, owned by a lady who told me she’d spent a good portion of her life working as buyer for some of the dreamiest of designers! She was lovely! And in amongst colour coordinated rails of DVF and D&G and so much more was Alice Temple’s current ready-to-wear collection. It was the first time I’d seen Temperley on a rail as opposed to a computer screen. I was so appreciative of this pretty little boutique because in a different town where nobody knew whether or not I could afford it, I was free to rustle around and swoon and honestly, feel right at home!

Of course I left that boutique empty-handed except for a business card. But! Today Somerset by Alice Temperley was launched in store and online at John Lewis, bridging the gap between High-Street and High-End yet again. We’ve seen this happen frequently in recent years, but this is the collaboration I’ve been waiting for!
It’s grown up in some places and playful in others. Military pieces (jackets, waistcoats, boots!! mmm) layered over pretty prints and lacey collars.

In naming the collection, Temperley gives it a personal edge (something British artists and designers have always been good at)…

“Being where I grew up and where I disappear to whenever I can; it represents stillness, timelessness, lifestyle and a romance.”

I grew up in the suburbs and spend most of my time in the city, but growing up my parents would throw the whole family including the dog in the car and drive us up to remote valleys and hidden spots along the Scottish border. I never seem to have the time or means to find my own way there anymore but I can’t say I don’t miss it. There are so many days I wish I were back there in the stillness, heading up to the top of a hill with a little cup to catch fresh stream water or hopping from rock to rock over a river to explore the other side. And this collection takes me back to all of it.
It makes me think of my mum, forever hunting down the perfect leather jacket and wearing it over the top of her ever-present hooded knitwear and knee-high boots; always bringing home ferns from road sides to plant in the garden and rocks from rivers to pop in her plant pots.

This may all sound very odd, but some things just speak to you.

In conclusion, it’s been a good day. A good day for John Lewis, a good day for Alice Temperley and a wonderful day for any Temperley fans that have been waiting for their opportunity to go out one day and come home that special something, just so that they can say it’s theirs.

Shop for Somerset by Alice Temperley at John Lewis now!

Images sourced from John Lewis online and quote from the Telegraph.

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    Loving this blog!

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