A Brief History – All You Need to Survive in the Fashion Industry is Raw Ambition.


It’s been such a long time since my last post! An entire life-time in fact in the blogging world. But recently I’ve been feeling a little uninspired.
When it comes to doing what you love every day… it can become a little hard to get excited about it.
What I mean is…Now that I’m back at University and so over-run with briefs and projects it’s difficult to allow any space my mind for the things I want to be over-run with! All of a sudden my time and all my thoughts are consumed by insects, or women over the age of 50, or children in stretch fabric…just for example!

“People feel that to study Fashion at University level is a waste of time and money.”

Many people feel that to study Fashion at University level is quite simply a waste of time and money. I can respect that…kind of. In truth, I do often feel a little whimpish telling people I study Fashion after they’ve divulged to me all the astounding facts they’ve learnt studying Micro-Biology that day.
Then again, I really do feel so full ambition some times that my heart hurts! What a cliché, I know! But it’s true! I love everything about the fashion industry, and it is, after all, an industry that has produced some of the most well-known and respected people in the world. Fashion has its own politics, its own set of rules, its own family of royals and government, not to mention an incredibly rich history. Sure some of the most successful people in fashion never went to school or college to study their art, they did it their own way, but if there’s a course out there and people willing to teach me, why would I not want to know everything there is to know about it?

Fashion might only be clothes and superficial nonsense to some people, but to us well, we know it to be so much more, don’t we?  Why should I not be proud to be working toward an involvement in such a wonderful world?!

“Fashion. It was the odd detail that connected all of my career choices.”

When I was little – like most children – I had plenty of thoughts in the way of what I wanted to be when I ‘grew up’. At one point I wanted to be a mechanic, because I wanted to be able to wear overalls everyday, I thought they were really cool. I remember wanting to be an archeologist because when I saw them on documentaries they always wore lovely wide-brimmed hats and leather boots. I even wanted to be a Cadet as a teen (although that never happened) and aspired for a short while to become a fighter pilot because for one, it just seemed like a cool job, and two I so so wanted a nice uniform!! Actually there was a time that I wanted to be a professional surfer because I wanted to spend all day in cool beach wear with crazy ginger beach waves.
MY point is…everything came back to fashion. The odd detail that connected all of my career choices. As I got older, my love for history developed and my art and crafts hobby became something I couldn’t survive without. So I studied art and design, product design, textiles, photography, history of art, fine art, typography, print…I could go on. I loved everything, all of it but I couldn’t connect them. How could I spend my life doing all of the things I loved? It wasn’t possible.
One day a friend of a friend told me they studied Fashion Design and Technology at college and on a whim I enrolled for the course because, why not? I’d done everything else! My first day of pattern cutting I knew I could easily spend forever and a day doing it. It was like therapy. I’m not much of an academic and terribly dyslexic, but here was something I could do that combined numbers with art and suddenly my ability to take things apart in my mind to see the little pieces that built shapes and forms was something I could actually benefit from! That aside, what better canvas to work on than the human body. We’ve all studied a photograph at some point and wanted desperately to know what was happening outside of the framed shot…who did that arm belong to, and what is this lady laughing at anyway? Fashion ment combining every aspect of art and crafts from building and sculpting to painting and stitching and the art would move, you could see it from every angle, you’d never have to wonder what was happening outside of the confines of the canvas because there it would all be!

“All you need to survive in the Fashion Industry is your own Raw Ambition”

I’m lucky because I have a family and a partner that support my goals and push me to achieve them, even when I’d much rather just have a cosy day on the sofa. But if you aren’t so lucky, that’s okay. The only thing you need to survive in the fashion industry is your own raw ambition. You don’t need money to look good, you just need to be yourself. And you don’t need to be able to map out a masterpiece to create something wonderful, you just need to hold on to your imagination. Allow yourself to be inspired and always walk with your eyes wide open because the world we live in is amazing. Keep your mind open at all times, shun no-one and no one idea either. Let life take you for a ride.
On those days when you are feeling uninspired and tired of the long hours and pressures of work do this; take a little time to sit down and remember why you love it. It’s as simple as that.


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