HEAVEN Launches In Manchester Tonight!

Legendary Nightclub, HEAVEN, Opens It’s Doors In Manchester TONIGHT!

The wait is over as legendary nightclub Heaven opens its doors tonight to roughly 1000 guests including a string a celebrities and if you’re lucky enough to grab a ticket, you! This is a night you won’t want to miss!

In today’s society it’s no more unusual to see two men or two women walk down the street hand in hand than it is to see a dog in a handbag; fair to say we’ve come a long way in the past few decades with regards to general acceptance and understanding of homosexuality.

Heaven started it’s life back in 1979, opened by Jeremy Millins. It was dubbed the Studio 54 of London, which is an honor in itself, but not only that, it was the first night club of its kind in England – that is, huge…and openly gay.
Before Heaven, gay clubs were gay pubs. They sat quietly in back streets going unnoticed and with an air of taboo surrounding them. They most certainly were not the loud, brightly lit bars we know today.
So when Heaven opened it’s doors to the public I can only imagine it’s owner felt some twinge of fear… never the less! We (that is, I) couldn’t be more grateful. Not only for making the British club scene what is to today (for which I have no doubt Heaven has done!) but for helping to mainstream our sexuality. Lord knows I like a bourbon in an old-man pub from time to time, but frankly, some times a girl needs to dance, preferably for me, without pubescent boys trying to bump and grind to what ever R+B-Pop song is top of the charts that week.

Sadly, Heaven closed it doors not too long ago, but hunters, I’m happy to tell you Heaven is back!
Yes, it’s true, and right on my door step!
Heaven relaunches its notorious self this evening in Purity, Manchester. Opening it’s doors at 11:30pm TONIGHT, and stretching across three floors, the basement – which hosts a truly nostalgic area of white leather sofas and of course, a white baby grand piano plus dance floor and INSANE Funktion One sound system! – the ground floor lounge with its winding stair case and cocktail bar and the VIP Balcony upstairs – perfect for celebrity spotting and people watching!

And speaking of celebrities, expect to see some hot names roaming the dance floor! It’s already been confirmed that there will definitely be some big name appearances at the launch tonight, though who exactly has been such a fiercely guarded secret in the run up that I really couldn’t say! You’ll just have to grab yourself a ticket and see for yourself!

But what does one wear to the relaunch of the nightclub heralded the UK’s most legendary?
Well, you should know by now I’m a big believer of dressing for the occasion! So ladies and gents, take a trip down retro lane and grab yourself some high-styled inspiration. Ladies look for vintage maxi’s and disco inspired playsuits, Gentlemen, grab yourself a tux in teal velvet or metallic Jacquard – if you have the budget for it, head to Dolce & Gabbana (or the gold label section of TKMaxx, Market Street) for a real head turner! – and do not leave the house without a vintage silk scarf!

I wish I could say I’ll be there to enjoy the fun myself, but as it happens I can not afford a night out this weekend! Never the less
I advise you to do everything you can to get a ticket! You’ll be a fool to miss this!!

For more Style Inspiration check out our specially created HEAVEN Pinterest Board! Live Now!!
(This link is no longer live)

Have fun little Hunters!

heavenTickets for this event can be pre-purchased online.

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