Winter Wonders #1: 10 Winter Coats Under £100!

Winter Wonders: 10 Winter Coats under £100! Straight from the High Street!

For a girl like me, Winter will always be the favoured season. And over the next six weeks I intend to show you why it should be yours too! So here we go! First up in the Winter Wonders series are 10 of the best coats and jackets under £100 straight from the high street!

Slipping in cold arms and buttoning it all the way up to the throat with the collars up, catching the scent of this mornings first spritz of perfume, there’s nothing like it! Your winter jacket is your safety blanket, your protection, not only from the wind and rain, but from the sea of body’s pushing their way down streets with that special kind of determination that only comes with rush-hour. It can make an outfit and it can change an outfit. More than anything once you have it, it’s yours. Pick the right one and it yours for life.

#1 The Winter Coat

This winter there’s something for everyone! Whether it’s something street-styled, classic, military or something with a bit of sparkle, here at ONTHEHUNT I’ve picked out my favourite 10, just for you!


Clockwise from Top Left: £95 and £60, both Urban Outfitter; £99.99 and £69.99, both Zara


Clockwise from top left: £79.99 and £99.99, both Mango; £80, ASOS; £48, Topshop


From left: £75 and £100, both River Island

So here are my 10 favourite High Street picks under £100! Get your favourite by the following the links and if your favourite isn’t here then get Hunting!!!

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