It’s All About The Collar!

Are you OnTheHunt for the perfect collar to sit pretty under your sweater this season? Look no further! Brand new business The Collar have everything you want!

The past few seasons we’ve seen collar clips come firmly back in to fashion, shirts with contrasting collars flying up and down catwalk and high street stores coming up with a whole matter of design concoctions surrounding the collar.
More recently, it seems, you can’t open a magazine or step into a store without finding rows upon rows of detachable collars to wear over your shirt or even as a piece of jewellery.
Personally I’m not a fan! I like my collars to come with a little extra fabric! There’s something about a well cut shirt that sets me up for the day, whether it’s something quirky and casual or a classic white power shirt, it’s rare you’ll find me out of one!

But another trend that’s hit hunters across the globe hard and fast is the layering effect of a nice knit sweater atop a crisp white shirt.
Sure, we aren’t the first generation to wear shirts and sweaters! But it’s the way we’re wearing it that’s making the look so popular. And with style hunters, students, mothers and career girls alike opting for this particular outfit choice, it’s not wonder the old detachable collar is selling so well!

But well…what does a girl like me do? I want the pretty collar poking out from under my sweater, but I don’t want to have to buy a million and one different shirts for every occasion, equally I refuse to buy a detachable collar unless it’s truly special!

“The Collar is a brand spanking new business with one of the most sensible yet compelling design idea’s I’ve seen in a while.”

Here’s what I do! I pop online and select one of the readily designed and crafted collars from The Collar, or I ask the girls running the show if they’d kindly make one to order!

The Collar is a brand spanking new business with one of the most sensible yet compelling design idea’s I’ve seen in a while.
People say the strongest innovations come in the way of simple ideas that make lives easier.
At this point, I don’t think I need to say any more, the two sentences previous to this should be enough, but just in case i will carry on.
Taking inspiration from The Big Bang Theory’s character, Howard Walowitz’s infamous, faux turtle neck collars and traditional tuxedo bibs, the three-girl-group of entrepreneurs – Laura, Lucy and Libby – saw a gap in the market for high quality, crafted collars that would give your wardrobe an instant face lift without compromising the look and feel of a full shirt.

@the collar @The_Collar www.onthehuntblog.wordpress.comthe collar5

The bibbed shirts button down to the waist with full length shoulders and open arms to accommodate a One-size-fits-all label and with prices starting at £8 for hand crafted pieces including beading and trims that have been hand-picked by the girls to ensure the highest possible quality for their customers, you’d be crazy not to love this concept!

The Collar launched on ASOS Marketplace this week but will the collars selling fast don’t be too upset if when you check out their page you find it looking bare, it is early days after all and this baby business is just finding it’s feet!
That said, The Collar is doing so well, they’re already in talks of producing shirt cuffs of a similar nature to pair your collars!

Keep up to date with the growing company and their latest designs along with news of more stock and order custom-made pieces via their Twitter account: @The_Collar

Until then, let me know what you think of The Collar’s….collars! and whether or not you think you’ll be buying on any time soon! I know what I’ll be wearing this Christmas day anyway!

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