Winter Wonders #2 – Party Perfect Pieces!

Look incredible this winter in these Party Perfect Pieces!

In the second edition of our Winter Wonders Series, check out my favourite party pieces as found online!
Winter is the perfect season to sparkle! From frosted pavements to twinkling lights, there’s something about the season that gets me all excited over all things glittering!

Growing up my mother was always calling me a Magpie, walking home from school she’d get tired of me stopping to inspect every and any small thing I’d see sparkling along the road. If it caught the light, it had to be treasure! Thinking back she must have found all sorts of odd things stashed around the house, this penchant for hoarding pretty things and the need to inspect all things shiny are qualities that have stuck with me over the years. Of course the older I get the less likely it’s become that I’ll spray glitter in my hair and stick jewels to my face…that said, over the past few seasons my childhood obsession has been creeping back into the light.

While not everyone likes to sparkle, I have a sneaking suspicion all you little hunters do still love to shine! So with that in mind here are some Perfect Party buys I think you’ll really quite like! Whether you’re into a cool take on the tux, something a little casual or all out glitz, you’ll find something fun here!

#2 Perfect Party Pieces

perfect party pieces

Perfect Party Pieces

perfect party pieces

All images in this article have been extracted from their respected online stores and edited by Ashleigh Hunts for

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