HEAVEN is NOT a place in Manchester: Heaven closes it’s doors once again!

Infamous nightclub Heaven closes its doors once again as Purity, Manchester, goes into liquidation.

Just weeks after the launch of legendary nightclub, which saw around two-thousand people through the red velvet rope, Heaven is shutting shop once again as its hosting space, Purity, goes into liquidation.

Despite better-than-expected numbers, the rumoured celebrity sightings and all that white leather (cringe), the highly anticipated launch came under attack from bloggers with Jordan McDowell of Fashion Rambler writing “Heaven may now be a place in Manchester but for some, this place will be hell.”
[Read Fashion Ramblers review here]
While So So Gay wrote “Only time will tell as to whether this Heaven can last up to one year, let alone thirty.”
[Read So So Gay’s review here]

Promises of guest appearances and surprise performances fell short, the staff to customer ratio at the bar was less than desirable and the ‘invite only’ VIP area, while a welcomed luxury, left invitees wondering just how exclusive it really was.

The initial hype, it seems, dissolved as quickly as Heaven itself.

The bad reviews aside, you might have said the numbers spoke for themselves with double the predicted bodies through the door for the launch, but the initial hype, it seems, dissolved as quickly Heaven itself with its second week pulling in less than 500, the following only 200, decreasing further in its final week.

Heaven, Manchester, The Launch.

Heaven, Manchester, The Launch.

[photo source: Manchester Confidential]

Heading into the club today to inquire into the situation, there’s little more I can say than that it was sorry state of place. With sad pricing signs sellotaped to every table and chair in sight (£25 for a white leather bar stool and £75 for a black glossed wooden table),  unsold alcopops stacked in the corner and various own-clothed removal men  rustling in and out, taking apart the Funktion One sound system and loading into their truck.
Seeing a club space in day light and empty is never as impressive as you think it will be, but seeing it dismantled and sold for parts to neighboring businesses is something else entirely.

Perhaps with a little more business savvy and an extra dose of love Heaven could have been as wonderful as we all had hoped, but instead we’ll be breaking in the new year where we Mancunians always have, back in the village!


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