London Collections: Menswear Accessories AW13 – Diego Vanassibara

LCM:Accessories AW13 – Diego Vanassibara

London Collections Menswear: Accessories showed some exquisite pieces for AW13, my personal favourite, Diego Vanassibara brings a fresh take on luxury for the working man.

Tip-toeing up the stairs and around the hollowed room of London’s Hospital Club where London Mens AW13 Accessories collections were being host, I felt out-of-place. It was the kind of self-conscious you feel when you find yourself in some-one else’s world and far from your own comfort zone.
That said, it didn’t take me long to feel right at home, just about as long as it took me to find Diego Vanassibara, the architect, self-confessed perfectionist and designer of the only shoes worth wearing during AW2013.

Seriously, I’m not exaggerating. Once you lay hand and eye on the hand-carved, polished rose-wood and mahogany plates and the finest Italian leather that make the footwear so special, you’ll never have eyes for any other.
As I cooed over the perfection, I seriously considered the funds in my bank account and whether or not they might permit me to purchase a pair for myself. Starting in a size 5, Diego told me the shoes were never designed with the female in mind, but they were all over this size-5-females mind!
Subsequently, the realization struck that if I were to buy a pair, I’d have to live in them for two months – because that’s how much my humble Mancunian home costs in rent; not that I’d have a problem with that, but I’m not sure my partner and I could both fit into my sweet size fives.

Either way, I vowed to have a pair and I figured I’d have a good six months, at least, to save up enough cash for a pair of Diego Vanassibara, basket-weave brogues in soft olive-green.
Male or female, these shoes are beautiful and Diego Vanassibara is an incredible designer, one whose career I will eagerly follow and urge you to as well.
This is after all a man whose eye for detail is so refined, and whose lust for luxury knows no limits. And just when I thought I was ready for summer, I find myself anxiously awaiting Autumn once again.

diego vanassibara LCM

Diego Vanassibara and Gotzon Ibara at London Collections: Meswear Accessories AW13

Diego Vanassibara and Gotzon Ibara at London Collections: Meswear Accessories AW13

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