The Tiny Shift: Suits& Skiprats Magazine

It’s been a while, but since my last post my world has shifted ever so slightly, just a millimeter or so in the right direction.
The second year of my degree is finally out-of-the-way, the sun is out, I have a whirl-wind of projects on the go, the most notable being Suits& Skiprats Magazine, which is a Manchester based publication focused on platforming new, incredible talent!

As Editor-in-Chief of Suits& Skiprats Magazine I’ll be, as per, On The Hunt for those few dime-in-a-dozen types with something razor-sharp to share; artists, designers, explorers, scientists…all of the above and then some.
So if you or anyone you know fall into this category, you can contact the team HERE for information on being featured in Suits& Skiprats Magazine or online at Suits& Skiprats Online.

The first issue of Suits& Skiprats will be sent to print this September (it’s all very exciting!) but until then, we want to make sure we know our readers, and what you want. If you’d like to help us out in better understanding you, please take a minute to fill out this short survey!

I appreciate you all so much, without my readers I’d be lost!
Thanks guys!

To follow Suits& Skiprats Online in the lead up to our pressed edition, follow this link.
For information on how to advertise with Suits& Skiprats Magazine please contact us at: SUITSANDSKIPRATS@MAIL.COM
suits and Skiprats

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