If Heaven Were a Shoe…

It would be this shoe.


You heard me right. Born 1990, I never got to wear all of the exciting bits and pieces I wanted to, since I was never old enough, I had to just pout and put up with watching all the big kids wear them instead.
Of course, now that the 90’s swing-around has come along, I’m too old and wobbly for the cut off denim and bleached flannel shirts (okay more too wobbly than old, I’m only 23!) But still!
As any girl who isn’t totally in love with their body and not totally motivated enough to change it will tell you, shoes – no matter your age, size, shape, style, will always make you smile and will always fit – same goes for nail varnish BTW.

So when I saw this pretty little thing by Isa Tapia, Resort 2013, I immediately felt all warm and happy inside. It’s the 90’s, it’s Carrie Bradshaw drunk, it’s New Year and it’s Me all-over!
So, strangely, my feet are probably one of my best features, they always look good in a pump, and while there is certainly zero ‘thigh-gap’, my pins aren’t too bad either. I’m pretty sure that if I ever manage to shake off this darn Ash-Flu, and somehow achieve the impossible and save a portion of my wage for the shoe-fund (I’m still trying to save for my beloved Diego Vanassibara‘s), I think I could definitely rock these!




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  1. lol agreed!
    AurumEve.com ~ Global Jewelry

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