Dear Santa…

I’m such a lucky girl.

Like most of you, I’m sure, I spent my weekend getting through all the little things that simply need doing before Christmas is really, properly here.
I vacuumed once, twice under the tree collecting the carpet of pine needles that had fallen. I re-arranged my living room for maximum seating potential for dinner guests. I wrapped the never-ending stream of gifts that now sit snuggly under the tree awaiting family and friends, I occurred a few slight injuries along the way, a paper cut here and busted lip there (after reaching up to too-high shelves and having a serving dish drop on my head).

And though I was tired, all the cleaning and tidying and the organising allowed me to finally relax into the festive season!
So, weekend over, I came into work today, croissant and coffee in hand, acting like the kind of perky early morning person I usually spend my mornings cursing. But I was so damn excited! I just couldn’t stop myself.

In true seasonal spirit, there is nothing I love more than giving gifts and after what feels like an entire year of waiting to hand out the gifts I’d chosen for my Boohoo friends, today is the day!

So I know I haven’t posted any festive pieces this year, but I hope you’ll enjoy sharing our Secret Santa moments…

Secret Santa with the Boohoo girls

Secret Santa with the Boohoo Girls

Secret Santa with the Boohoo girls

Secret Santa with the Boohoo Girls


Tanya Boohoo

Boohoo Secret Santa

boohoo Secret santa

We had so much fun playing around with Tanya’s old school Kaleidoscope, and passing visitors have loved it too, so really, a great gift for the little ones and big kids alike! Then there were the blow pens to Coco – I felt like I was going to blow out an eye trying to spray patterns onto the torn up wrapping paper but Coco was an absolute pro with stencils at hand!
I was lucky enough to receive a Lush Bath Bomb (my favourite mid-week treat) and two DIY Vanilla and Lavender candles from Coco and a very pretty book on Diana F+ techniques along with a musical crankshaft that chimes Singin’ In The Rain from Tanya.

An over-all theme of nostalgia made this Secret Santa particularly special – brown parcel paper and hand-stamped labels from each of us gave extra care to lovingly packaged present’s and from Tanya – a co-owner and illustrator of Paperbird Cards – hand illustrated cards holding personal notes gives our office a real home vibe away from the usual office Christmas.
But then, from our ceiling hang about 70 white and parcel brown origami lucky stars and our windowsills are lined with large glass bulbed golden lights, so we knew what to expect coming in today.

So, I hope you’re all feeling festive! If you have any Secret Santa gifts to share with us, or you’re curious as to where our gifts were bought or how they were made, get in touch!

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