Stargazing Guide: 2014’s First Meteor Shower


One of my 2014 new year resolutions is to take more notice of what’s happening in our skies with a little amateur stargazing and tonight’s Quadrantid Meteor Shower gives me the perfect chance to get started.

tonight’s Quadrantid Meteor Shower is looking promising. You might not know that I’m actually quite the space buff, not to say that I know much about it, but I try to pick up what I can and if I’m out in the dark you can usually guarantee I’ll be looking up.

So tonight, that’s where I’ll be, outdoors looking up, and I hope you’ll join me. There’s something exciting about throwing on your knits, splashing some soup in a flask and swooning at the stars, even if you don’t manage to catch the full show – it always makes for a good evening. suggests the best time for viewing will be just before dawn and in the direction of the big dipper and according to NASA the Quadrantid Meteor Shower was first seen in 1825. I can’t wait!

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