LC:M Day 1: Lou Dalton AW14

LC:M Day 1: Lou Dalton AW14

lou dalton aw14 LC:M

It’s that time of year again, when we brave we cold and head to London for the first glimpse of what to expect for AW14 Menswear. I mean, that’s what most do, this year though, I’ve had to make do with the old computer screen and a creaky desk chair. Still, there are no blue’s that Men’s Fashion Week won’t cure me of.
This season, the first show, of the first day, brought a quiet, new nostalgia that couldn’t have been further from London’s streets today.

One for the young working man, Lou Dalton takes inspiration from our current generations farmers.
The easy appeal of thrown-on (inside-out) knits and high-zip necks paired with bleached blank denim and wide cords are years away from the expected wax jackets and rubber boots of previous land labourers.

A nod toward the outward growth of the city into a young mans countryside comes through to create splintered memories of the early 00’s chav.

My personal favourite, look 14, the all-out bleached pink denims. Ironically, the girl I am, I’d never wear anything like it, but if I were a boy, I’d be all over it. How about you?

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