Lap of the Planet: Ch.4 Live Stream from ISS

I’m such a space junkie. Honestly I don’t know much about the big black space above our heads but I can never get enough of it, so of course I can’t wait for tonight’s Lap of the Planet, streaming live from the ISS with Channel 4 at 7:30pm.

ch.4 lap of the planet

Over the last few days we’ve been introduced to the astronauts preparing the mission and have been given a delightful insight into the way they live, up in the sky. The food doesn’t look great, but the sheer excitement on their faces when they receive a parcel of ‘real food’ from their wives (delivered via space  shuttle, obvs!) will have you falling in love with the gents in our the sky.

We’ve watched as space-walks turned dangerous and wives worried, as the guys performed odd experiments that saw ants floating in zero-gravity, and so far, we’ve managed a few glimpses of the insane views of earth from 240 some miles up, and they really are insane.

If after watching this mini-series you don’t find yourself collecting garbage on the streets and re-assessing your recycling regime I’ll be shocked to say the least. The images so far have just been that inspiring.

Switch off from whatever you might be doing this evening – I know there’s a match on but, United play often enough – and watch as the lovely gents up there give us a tour of our planet. Then get on twitter so we can talk about it!! @Ashleigh_Hunts Tweet Tweet





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