DIY: 3 Home Made Lux Face Masks to Prep Your Skin for the Week Ahead

If Mondays hit you hard, hit it back with one of my all natural, luxurious Chocolate Face Masks to Refresh, Regenerate and Hydrate your skin!

I’m a pretty positive person day-to-day, but on the odd occasion that I am feeling blue or even just under the weather, I’ve come to learn that as a woman I have to force myself out of it, and for me, there is no surer way to do this than with a good pamper.

Whether it’s at the Spa with Kalegh for some high-end spoils or on the sofa with my favourite blanket and an early evening cocktail, watching Clueless, no pamper is a real pamper until there’s a mask on my face!

So I’ve done my research and played with a few, easy-to-find ingredients, and found 3 recipes that each have one thing in common – Chocolate! Just the smell of the stuff perks me up, but we’ve all heard about the benefits of Dark Chocolate, and those benefits occur when it’s on our skin, not just when it hits our lips (of course, with these all natural masks, if any does hit your lip and you’re tempted to lick it off, go ahead! It’s safe!)

Regenerating Face Mask Title 500PX 81EDIT Regenerating Face Mask 2 500PX

Refreshing Face Mask Title 500PX 25EDIT Refreshing Face Mask 500PX

Hydrating Face Mask Title 500PX 93EDIT Hydrating Face Mask

If you know of any more lush DIY Face Mask Recipes send them my way so I can share them! Until then, feel free to Copy/Paste the recipe cards in this post to print and keep handy!
Oh and PS. guys, this has been my first Tutorial! I mean if you can count it as a tutorial, so let me know what you think!

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