10 Reasons Why: My Mum is Better Than Yours.

10 reasons my mum is better than yours.

Granted, every one says their mum is the best, and they mean it. But my Mum really is the creme de la creme.
So this Mothers Day, instead of building a list of perfect gifts for every Mum or a list of Britain’s most brilliant boutique florists as I’d contemplated doing, I’m going to share with you 10 reasons why my mum really is the best.


  1. She is wicked cool. I mean seriously, wicked cool. She still looks hot in skinny jeans (way hotter than I ever have) and still laughs all the time without even a shimmer of a laugh line or wrinkle – what the hell is a wrinkle?! I don’t know, my Mum never had any!
  2. She has the best taste in music! I popped round this morning before our day out and she set her Spotify to a ‘Guilty Pleasures’ playlist… there was a Dolly Parton track or two, a little Kenny Rogers… all sorts. But these were her guilty pleasures. Her none guilty playlists are rammed with James and David Gray and Kate Bush and, if it wasn’t for her (and Dad) I probably wouldn’t even know who Lou Reed is. Pff. What? I know.
  3. She’s adorable. Being around my Mum is like being best friends with the most popular girl in school. And I don’t think this is me being bias. She is the Chloe to my Rae Earl(but she won’t get that reference).
  4. My mum is wise beyond her years. She has taught me so much about the world and the people in it, how to deal with bad days and how to enjoy the good days. She has shown me how to forgive and how to love.
  5. She’s as crazy for coffee as I am. When I was little, we’d share a bag of Revels and always scrap over who got to eat the coffee Revels. She always won.
  6. When I was reeeaally little, she’d put me and my brother in bed and lay down with us until we fell asleep. Then in the mornings she’d take us down stairs, dragging the duvet behind her, make the coziest, loveliest duvet thrown on the sofa for us both to share, where we’d watch Power Rangers with bowls of cornflakes. It’s the little things you remember.
  7. She doesn’t beat about the bush. Not even a little. If there’s something to be said my Mum will say it, but this goes both ways. If you look crap that day, she’ll tell you, then take you out to buy a new pick-me-up nail polish.
  8. She doesn’t have the usual Mum Sensors you expect. She tells me off like a Mum when I don’t get enough sleep or a good meal, but then we chat like girlfriends about all the things most girls would cringe at!
  9. No apologies are ever necessary, once the kettle is boiled all is forgotten.
  10. She is my best friend, and for all the reasons given above it isn’t cheesy. Get over it.


On top of all that, there’s the impromptu gardening sessions and afternoon tea’s, which is how we spent Mothers Day this year…

10 reasons why my mum is better than yours

Awesome day. And if you think you’re Mum beats mine (She probably doesn’t!) drop me a comment and tell me why!



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