GIRLS GOT JELLY: Jelly Shoe Revival

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Following the demand for Jelly Sandals this season, Rushton Albett Ltd, the original Northampton manufacturer of the shoes have gone back into production.
It doesn’t surprise me. When I was little I begged for a pair but was met with a stern ‘No’ and stories about girls breaking their ankles and  haven worn them too often.
Instead, I was a given a pair of purple Kickers boots and when I stomped my foot in defiance for the very first time in those Kickers, something unexpected happened, destiny unfolded and my path was forever decided. I was to be a boot girl, and then a Doc’s girl – natural progression I guess.

Any dreams I had of tottering about the playground in lavender Jelly Shoes died the day I realised that jumping into puddles and coming out with dry socks was way more fun.

Still, when I walked in to a run down shoe store in the Northern Quarter a few years ago and found multiple pairs in lemon and pink and blue jumbled in a wire basket (and for a meagre £1!) you know I stopped to swoon. Let’s chalk it up to nostalgia. They are cute, and for a little while I reaally wanted them. It’s the same as how I secretly still love singing Aaron Carters ‘Crush On You around the house’. Takes me back.

So anyway, now they’re back and as popular as they were over a decade ago. Will I or won’t I? Well probably not, sad but true. I still love them and I still swoon (I swooned like an hour ago) But I’m also still holding out for some Diego Vanassibara brogues and Fendi feathered pumps and a girl can’t have everything she wants or else she’d be spoiled. Again, sad but true.

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