Ever since Dr.Martens asked me what I stand for, I’ve been wracking my brain, what do I stand for? And it became a talking point among my friends and colleagues, in fact more than that, it started some pretty hefty conversations and a few healthy debates.
Coco* stands for a strict recycling regime that involves storing absolutely everything in jars. Liz* stands for free art for all, which was happily expected. Women’s rights came up in conversation more than once, so did free education. The encouragement of the population of wildlife is a big one for me, and I believe there should be more funding for local libraries and museums…

There are so many different things I want to devote my time to, but honestly, just being happy, that’s what I stand for.

Do whatever you need to do to be happy, and if you can be kind on your way then be kind, if you can inspire someone or make somebody smile then do that too!
Don’t get me wrong, I’m optimistic but I’m not crazy enthusiastic each and every day, some days it takes a little trying, but it’s do-able. It can be so small and simple, but it will make a difference to your day, and it has the potential to make a difference to someone elses day too. That’s nice, don’t you think?

So that’s what I stand for, and I’m so glad Dr.Martens asked! Do you stand for something? Use the hashtag #STANDFORSOMETHING and tweet me @AshleighHunts to tell me what you stand for or drop me comment!

 Until then, here are 5 things Dr.Martens are doing to make me happy right now.


Dr.Martens Made In England 1461 Shoe £240 - Stand For Something
Made In England 1461 Shoe, £240.00

Dr.Martens Irene Made In England Shoe £245 - Stand For Something
Dr.Martens Made In England Lester Shoe, £245.00

Dr.Martens Camera Bag - Stand For Something
Dr.Martens Camera Bag, £150.00

Dr.Martens Lester Shoe - Stand For Something
Dr.Martens Made In England Lester Shoe, £85

Dr.Martens Cyprus Sandals £95.00 - Stand For Something - Bloggers Choice
Dr.Martens Cyprus Sandal, £95.00 – BLOGGERS CHOICE


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