My Belated Love for Girls (The TV Show, Mum – not Lesbians.)

So, there is no getting around it. I’m inexcusably late in watching Girls, the TV show, which is now filming its 4th season (I think/hope) and I’m currently streaming episode 4. So this is old news, I know, but I love it. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love Gossip Girl too, I enjoy the occasional MIC with a face mask and my weekly Grazia, but when a show like Girls comes along, that is so realistic and true to our generation (plus every generation before ours, I’m sure – it’s not like every ‘sexually active’ woman ever hasn’t had her fair share of unusual bedroom requests or at the very least a surprise spank) that the rest, in comparison seems all together meek.

But it isn’t really about the awkward sex or anything, when the media hype around Lena Dunhams ‘normal’ body was totally unavoidable, I just assumed it was Hollywood’s version of ‘normal’ that the world was so enthralled by, and I still think that to be honest. I mean she has much less body than I do, but when I see her on-screen I don’t think, hmm, she’s big, I think, she looks really nice – also, her friend is super pretty.

The characters are witty in the ways your friends are witty – the kind of way they are, when you think ‘Christ if anyone heard this conversation they’d have us locked up’, when you just can’t comprehend that anybody else would find that stuff funny. But I guess they do.

And one more thing, it really creeps up on you. Three minutes into the pilot episode, I couldn’t decide if I’d carry on watching it, but I did and three episodes on I feel it’s already a new addiction. Poor Kalegh.

So I’m off to watch another episode before I crawl off to bed. Just thought I’d share my belated love for Girls with you all before it became another thing on the list to do.

If you aren’t watching it already, get on that sh*t. You’ll like it.



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4 responses to “My Belated Love for Girls (The TV Show, Mum – not Lesbians.)

  1. Warning: the third season is poor. Plus she really does have not a great body shape. It is daring the way she exposes it all the time..

    • Oh no, really? I’ll give you my thoughts when I get to it! And I don’t really think it’s daring of Lena Dunham to show her body, more refreshing. As a more plump female myself, any odd dimples look entirely normal, nothing shocking there!

      • Well, I loved Girls. I went from watching the entirety of series 1 in a sitting and being tempted to watch it again, to not knowing whether I could stomach a whole episode during series three. Madness!

      • Ah, what a shame, I just can’t help but be sucked in by the characters, and I always root for the underdog! Only time will tell, I suppose. But I hope, hope hope its lives up to my expectations!

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