DIY: Dipped in Gold Party Animal [Candle Holders]

DIY Dipped In Gold Party Animals

As promised, I wanted to share with you all some of my favourite grown-up party DIY’s from across some of the best DIY blogs out there, as well as a couple of my own original DIY’s (you lucky dawgs you!) in anticipation for my – and my blogs – birthday later this month!

Regular readers will know that I am by no means a DIY blogger, so be kind to me! On that note, let’s get started… So, any good hostess knows that eye is in the detail, from the lighting to the layout, and all the lovely things in between. With that in mind, my first DIY from Jenny at Hank & Hunt, is perhaps the simplest I’m planning to share with you, but the end result is so fun, I’d dare anyone not to fall in love with it. It just isn’t possible. I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to do this for a while, so here it is.

DIY: Dipped in Gold Party Animal [Candle Holders]

1. I actually thought this first step would be tougher than it was, given that when I was kid toy animals were really hard, and painful if thrown. Conveniently, now they’re hollow!
Pop a small hole into the back of your animal. I used a standard pin tack, the kind you’d use to hang a photo frame. Now push the birthday candle holder into the hole and [preferably out doors, if not in a well ventilated space] get spraying!

Dipped In Gold PArty Animals 3 DIY Dipped In Gold Party Animals 1

2. Let your Dipped in Gold Party Animal sit for 24 hours to make sure it’s totally dry and you are good to go. Barely even two steps!


What I love about this DIY is that it can be adapted for so many occasions and ages.
Serious animal lovers might find a quirky wedding cake topper in two dipped animals to suit their relationship or personalities. Or, sprayed in pastels, mother and baby elephants would be incredibly cute for baby showers.

I’ll update you all with a photo of my own Dipped in Gold Party Animal when I’ve got a good shot of it on my cake, I can you tell you I went for an elephant though!

So, what do you think? So easy but so much fun! I know my guests will love this whimsical addition to the table! Drop me your thoughts and if this is a DIY you’ve already tried or think that you might now, don’t forget to share your photos! 

Up Next… My first Orginal DIY , Hand Stamped Confetti Table Runner!


Images: The Sweetest Occasion

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