Getting All Wrapped up in Dr.Martens AW14

Dr.Martins AW14 In Store

Nothing excites me more than getting lost in a new collection, and for good reason; the moment a new seasons stock starts filtering into stores is the moment the switch flips in my head. Something inside me tells its time to begin my ritualistic planning, this time for AW14, and the collection comes from Dr. Martens.

It’s an understatement to say that every year I fall head over heals in love with Autumn. It’s the textures and the warmth and the colours, that have me tripping up over myself and this year I’m making a point of doing any tripping-up in my Dr. Martens.

The AW14/15 collection really is the epitome of the seasons style. It’s plush with messy mohair textures and leather tassels.
The boots keep the collection firmly rooted to the ground with all the qualities that we’ve come to expect from Dr. Martens; incredible technique, classic design and history. But its the textiles that steal the show, and all of the trimmings that sit snugly between.
Plaids and checks in colours that mimic the changing leaves – green to orange and yellow and red – are all nestled by boots and brogues in traditional black and oxblood, the two predominant colours in the collection.

Colour blocks look to have washed into one another with blurred lines created by soft wool and mohair blends in unisex knitted jumpers, and black-on-black turns the casual mens polo shirt street-smart with contrasting cotton knit sleeves and collar and knitted wool body.

I want to wrap myself up in it all and stay there hibernating through to spring.

Girls get to play between grungy plaids, tie dye denim and slick, oil-black blouses with cute trims to keep things light. The addition of a fish tail to the T-shirt dress is the thing my dreams are made of, quite frankly, I’m not sure why Dr.Martens waited until now to roll them out.

Outerwear is evidently the pride and joy of the collection, taking center stage, and left, and right. Nylon sleeves juxtaposed with wool bodies and  military details, classic chunky metals zips and the stand-offish orange lining I can never get enough of.

Words truly cannot do this collection justice, I see it in the Manchester Market Street store and I want to wrap myself up in it all and stay there hibernating through to spring, an idea only slightly less appealing than wearing my Dr. Martens knits and boots out on the street in the wind and sleet, where it is intended to be.











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