#EQUALUTION – What am I Doing to Campaign For #GenderEquality

gender equality #equalution sign

I was reading an article the other day about the global third gender movement – a movement tailored to encouraging the exception and inclusion of gender neutral people in our vast and growing culture with the addition of a ‘non-specific’ option on passports and other legal documents, as well as other steps. It got me thinking about the natural progression of gender equality.

With the recent resurgence of high-profile feminism hitting the media hard, it seems odd to me that this hasn’t been addressed sooner. Gender equality has been a long fight, and perhaps calling the modern feminism movement a resurgence is incorrect, as feminism has been addressed every decade since the 60’s, and no doubt before then in smaller, more subtle ways.

But has happened recently to encourage its boom, again, now?

The support of huge celebrities has certainly influenced the general public. Angelina Jolie is working heavily on women’s rights, and when I saw Beyoncé’s Miss Carter World Tour earlier this year, I was hit with a sense of girl power I wasn’t expecting – for those who haven’t seen the show, it was a masterpiece of music and art film, and although the message was feminism, it wasn’t presented in a way that any person could attach a stigma to the word. It was educational and strong, a clear message, feminism isn’t about women. It is about men and women our shared humanity.

A few months ago I’d have identified myself as being ‘post-feminist’. A title I attached to my belief that a woman should have the right to be it all, or a pick-a-mix of what she decided… wife, career woman, mother. A belief that it is possible to work all day and come home and still make dinner for her husband and put the kids to bed – because if that’s what works for her and makes her happy, than who is anyone else, man or woman, to tell her she’s wrong? It’s a belief I based on my perception that woman can too be damaging to women, by telling each other that to aspire to be a house wife ‘is setting the movement back 60 years’ or telling each other ‘you can’t be a good mother to your children if you work all day!’

Then I took the time to look into it a little deeper, I realised that, that is feminism. And if the roles are reversed, and a man wants to have a career or be a stay-at-home dad, that’s feminism too. Simply, feminism is about gender equality.

Why has it never seemed as simple as that before? Why have I had to put so much work into processing it?

So this week, along with 4 other girls (and they just happen to be girls – pot luck!) I’ll be Tweeting, Instagramming and Facebooking to campaign for #GenderEquality. I’ll be hitting it hard with the hopes that you guys will respond! Comment on this post, retweet me, reply to me, comment on my Instagram! Whether you agree with it or not, whether you support gender equality or you think it’s society gone crazy, tell me all about it and share it, get your friends talking and tweeting and hashtag #EQUALUTION

We’ll be presenting your opinions this Friday to a team of talented designers who are as eager to hear your thoughts as we are, and I’ll be posting my favourite responses back here on the blog!


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