My Nerdy Nerves X Alexander Lamb

So Alexander Lamb is hosting one-to-one design workshops at #MMU next week, and of course, I was the first name on the sign up sheet. 

After graduating with his MA in Menswear from the Royal College of Art in 2012, #AlexanderLamb jumped straight over to Ralph Lauren where his career has continued to progress. This, not to mention his time at Biba or the plenty of awards he gained throughout his years of study, make for an impressive, if not a little intimidating, meet and greet.

The workshop sign up was only presented to us yesterday and maybe it was the sheer exhaustion that comes with the 19 hour days that are necessary just to keep your head above water on this course, but this morning I woke from a nightmare about the whole thing.

I’d arrived to my one-to-one bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, with an arm full of work to present. But, upon seeing Alexander Lamb in front of me, reduced to a bag of gross, giggling nerves. I was doing my best to stay cool but in dream-land, I could see my own face the same way that Alexander Lamb surely could, not the wide-eyed smile of an admiring young designer, but rather the frantic grin of a girl who knew not how to function in a professional setting – to say the least.

This might seem like the least scary nightmare ever to you all, but if only you knew. I’ve met a small few icons in my time, regular readers will know I got the chance to question Alexandra Shulman (another great Alex’) a couple years ago, and not only was I not cool, I broke all the rules and rather than asking about her career, my short, plump self asked for some standard motherly advise on life. The fashionably ferocious guests that surrounded me were not pleased, I could feel the Fendi pitch forks poking me in the back.

Not so long before this I served Jarvis Cocker in a pub – one of my childhood heroes – and turned into a mushy, girly, super fan, the likes of which he probably hasn’t run into since the late 90’s/early 00’s. I forgot what year it was all together when I asked for his autograph (It’s currently framed in my bedroom). He was terribly embarrassed.

Much the same way I will be next week, if I don’t manage to handle my nerves when I meet Alexander Lamb. I get so anxious about these things! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Wish me luck… I’ll let you know how it goes.

RCA : Alexander Lamb

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