L’Occitane: Citric Verbena Summer ’15


I think it was my mum that first introduced me to L’Occitane. Come to think of it, it was probably a good decade ago, while my friends were more likely stealing cigarettes from their mothers handbags, I was stealing almond sized bumps of L’Occitane Hand Cream (it definitely payed off).
I won’t say just how many, but years on, L’occitane is still my go to brand for luxurious, natural skin care, so when I was lucky enough to be invited to the Trafford Centre store yesterday to preview the launch of L’Occitane’s new Citric Verbena range and receive a complimentary hand massage, I jumped at the opportunity.

As is the norm, I was totally swept up in the fragrant stacks of lotions and soaps. It’s all too easy to drift away when visiting L’Occitane, even more so on a warm day, when Fever Tree Sicilian Lemonade is making its way around the store.
Then there’s the staff. who are some of the friendliest out there, knowledgeable and sweet with a genuine love of the brand, and never pushing to make sales – which if we’re honest can be a total turn off! All are the recipe for a much needed treat, and visiting L’Occitane really is a treat.

I took my lovely Mum and Grandma along with me, as where L’Occitane are, they are! And together we must have sniffed and sampled every product in store – we each have our favourites, but having felt the power of Verbena in action, I’m thinking about trading in.

Hailed as a ‘Sacred Herb’, the Citric Verbena plant is a gentle aromatic herb, in this case, grown organically in Provence, France, and harvested within months of planting. It is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties which is most likely one of the reasons the Citrus Verbena collection is so soothing to the skin, and the soft lemony fragrance promotes relaxation and even better sleep, making it the perfect scent to accompany your pamper routine. The more research I do, the more convinced I am that Verbena really is sacred, some of our ancient cousins even used the plant in love potions and rituals, believing it to hold magical powers. It doesn’t get better than that! So if you’re looking for something different or maybe a little healing this summer, whether it be in matters of the heart, beauty or spiritually, don’t bypass the Citric Verbena collection, it will work magic if you let it.

The collection ranges from £4.50 to £42.00 and includes everything from hand soap to salt crystals and scents (the salt crystals are my personal fave at £27.50) and if you head in to your local L’Occitane store today – click here to find your nearest – you can get the full blogger treatment, that is, you’ll receive a complimentary Citric Verbena hand massage, and a free gift with any purchase over £35 (check out my instagram for sneak peak at the freebies 😉 ).

loccitane-3 loccitane-5 loccitane-2 loccitane-1

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