My ’10 Reasons Why’ Texts…

One thing I’ve welcomed in my day-to-day since my big epiphany moment eight months ago, is appreciation.

Sounds silly doesn’t it? Or maybe even small. For years – too many years – I would repeat mantras of appreciation almost daily in an attempt to convince myself I was happy with something I was not.

So now, without need for mantras, the appreciation flows freely in all areas of my life, but one in particular, my relationship with Bear. Am I sounding too sentimental, putting you off? Just stick with me, because this will make sense.
I’m not appreciative of Bear because he came into my life when I needed him and fixed it… that isn’t the case, couldn’t be. But after the longest friendship I can put my name next to, he did remind me of how much happiness I am capable of at a time when I was so much without it. He was my best friend before anything else, he supported me and lifted me up, made me laugh and dream big, all the things you’d expect a partner to do all while seemingly receiving nothing in return. And all these things, and so many others are maybe my biggest source of appreciation right now.


So maybe you think we’re still in our ‘honeymoon period’ and maybe we are, I guess we’ll see in another years time, but I’d like to think our relationship as it stands is the sum of much more. And I’d like to hold on to it as it is, and this is why I send Bear my ’10 Reasons Why’ texts and why I’d urge you to do the same for your loved ones.

What is a 10 Reasons Why Text?

It’s probably exactly what you’ve already assumed. A text (or email or letter or snapchat thread..what ever) listing 10 or more reasons why: you love them; they’re awesome; you’re grateful…
Sometimes it’s less Why more a How or a When.
‘I love it when I’m cooking dinner and you slide my hair off my neck, and kiss it to say thank you rather than using words.’
I show him I appreciate him by letting him know I notice the little things and the big things.
‘You get up at 4.30am every day and do a 12 hour day to keep us in our home. It’s incredible and I see it.’


Why Send a 10 Reasons Why Text

He might be snowed under and working after hours to help pull his team through a heavy shift, and when he has time to check his phone he has an instant boost to motivate him. He’ll come home that evening tired but smiling. And I love that, it’s good for him and it’s good for our family. It promotes open dialogue, honest communication and intimacy, which are things that I need in this relationship.


As well as all that though, it’s nice to just sit and think up 10 reasons why you love somebody, or 10 ways they make you smile, or 10 things you love that they do – these are the moments when the appreciation really flows. And you can be as serious or as silly as you’d like. Throw in that they have the best arse you’ve ever had the joy of grabbing! Or that you feel safer at night for hearing them snoring next to you. Every person in a every relationship loves something about their SO that other people would likely cringe at, start with those golden nuggets and go from there. Your SO will likely be devastated that you’ve noticed these things but secretly a little chuffed that you’re so into them.

Whichever way you do it, I so recommend sending regular 10 Reasons Why texts. You’ll see the benefits through and through. Let me know how it goes…



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